Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

Looking for something fun to do on a Saturday in New York? Venture into Brooklyn and try out all of the infamous foods you see in your Instagram newsfeed. Lauren and I are always bookmarking restaurants to try-out and Smorgusburg was the perfect place to knock a few off our list. We met up with Drew and his friend, Pete and made our way into foodie heaven. First on our list was to try the Ramen Burger. Man, that was delicious! Lauren went for the Wowful ice-cream next and I managed to sneak a few bites...

Next time your wondering what to do on the weekend, give Smorgusburg a try. The line for the Ramen Burger goes by quicker than would you think, I promise!

Outfit details: Shirt J.Crew  Shorts J.Crew  Shoes Artemis Designs  Sunglasses Illesteva

A Midsummer Whites Dream

Outfit details: Dress by Madewell

There’s no place quite like home. When I think of summer, I picture my backyard at home—the sweet smell of blooming flowers, the hot sun beating down on you as you lay in the chaise lounges, and the sound of my dog Frank dipping his toes in the pool.

Tucked behind my Mom’s cutting garden is my play house. I spent many hot summer afternoon’s running around with my friends in tow, creating a world of our own. I can still hear the miniature screened door slam and tiny feet padding the brick path my Dad built one Sunday afternoon.

It’s my favorite little spot to come home to and was the perfect setting for my new favorite dress.

The Great Southern Adventure

A few weeks ago, Kiel, Sarah, and Sean came down South for a visit. We started the adventure at The Masters in Augusta and ended the week in Charleston. Here are some highlights of our trip!

Besides watching the tournament, every year I look forward to the tasty pimento cheese sandwiches and the peach ice cream sandwiches. My mouth is watering just dreaming about them right now!

Meet Frank and Jewels!

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to chow down on cheeseburgers at Poe's Tavern on Sullivan's Island.

One of my favorite things to do in Charleston is to just wander around the city. It's like walking through a real life Tumblr newsfeed with all of the colorful houses and architecture. It wasn't named one of the top vacation destinations for nothing!

After winding around the marshes in the Folly Creek in Asheton's boat, we hopped off to explore Morris Island.

I loved showing off beautiful South Carolina to my friends! It gave me a greater appreciation for the place I've called home my whole life. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

All American Summer Adventure

With Labor Day around the corner it's sad to think that summer is almost over. I've been home from my summer adventure in New England for a few weeks now and I'm slowly starting to get back into the swing of things with school. I've enjoyed being home with all of my friends and filling them in on the fun things that this summer entailed. It's so hard to pick out my favorite memory because they each hold something special to me.

The friends I met and spent my summer working beside were some pretty incredible people. I sure am going to miss them!

Now it's on to my next adventure. Can't wait to see what's in store!

An Afternoon Aboard

One thing that I love about summer is spending time on the water. Whether it's water skiing, tubing, or just enjoying time with friends, boating tops the list of my favorite things to do. I was in heaven when we spent an afternoon aboard Temma! We couldn't have asked for a prettier day to enjoy the summer sun and take in the beautiful Jamestown coastline.

More photos from Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Back to ACK

Today we're heading to Nantucket to for a weekend getaway! We're all looking forward to some rest and relaxation. Our summer together is quickly coming to an end; I can't believe it! Someone please tell Summer to stick around a little longer.


Tennis Hall of Fame with Brooks Brothers

As promised, here's a post chock full of the details and pictures from our Sunday afternoon spent at the Tennis Hall of Fame Championship! We sat alongside the grass courts dressed in our favorite ensembles from Brooks Brothers and we cheered on the Legends while they kicked off the event with a friendly little match.

After, we met a few of the Legends and ate a good ol' New England lunch of lobster rolls, cole slaw, chips, and cupcakes topped with fondant tennis balls and iced with the Brooks Brothers initials.


Just a couple of Brooks Brothers fans staying cool...


We took a little break before the next match, Hewitt vs. Karlovic.


The guys looking very dapper in their Brooks Brothers outfits.


Hartley took her hand at practicing some volleying.


Game, set, match!


It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, thank you Brooks Brothers!

Think the outfits are grand slams? Here are the details: Dress by Brooks Brothers  Sunglasses by Madewell  Bracelet by Kiel James Patrick  Clutch by J. Crew

Weekend Update

We had the day off on Saturday, so Hartley and I decided it would be nice to explore Newport a little more. We ate a delicious lunch at Midtown Oyster Bar, shopped in a few of our favorite stores, and grabbed some iced coffees at Coffee Grinders.


Look at that view!


Then we made our way to Quonset View Farms to pick some strawberries. There were rows and rows of berries and the air was filled with sweetness from those little guys.


After we picked the ripest ones we could find, we met up with the guys and ate dinner at Speakeasy Bar and Grill. We all took a chance and ordered the same thing after one hamburger in particular caught our eyes. The Speakeasy Hamburger: bacon, peanut butter, and jelly all on top of a burger. Man, it was good!

Hope y'all had a nice weekend! I'll fill you in later with the details of our Sunday afternoon spent at the Tennis Hall of Fame with Brooks Brothers!

The Best of the Best

What a week we had in Martha's Vineyard! We're back in Newport and already reminiscing. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from last week!


Minnie the dog jumped into the picture at just the right time!


We wandered through Edgartown one evening before dinner.


We threw a pool party one night.


We spent an afternoon exploring the Cape Poge Lighthouse.


And even though our Fourth of July plans were washed out by Hurricane Arthur, we made the best of it!


Martha's Vineyard

On Saturday, we boarded the ferry from Quonset for our much anticipated trip to Martha's Vineyard! We spent the afternoon exploring the island and taking in the georgous sights that Martha's Vineyard has to offer. We ended the night grilling out and playing ping pong on the screened in porch.


I can't believe that the month of June has come to an end. I'm looking forward to a week on the Vineyard, especially the Fourth of July! The beach, the weather, and friends will make for the best celebration!


Today we went to the beach for a little bit and then popped into a few shops while wandering around Edgartown.


Here's to a week ahead full of adventures and hard work!

Firing of the Cannons

We spent yesterday at the Squantum Association in Rhode Island. We enjoyed a clambake while overlooking the Providence River and then we took turns setting off the cannons.

Later in the afternoon we made our way to the dinning room for a crackin' lobster dinner!

Why did the lobster think it was so funny to be eaten? Not sure, it just cracks him up.

Bowties and Heels for the Seals

Last night was quite the seal-abration! As the new ambassador for the Stranding Program, Sarah hosted an event at Mystic Aquarium to support the Seal Rescue Center and Mystic Aquarium Stranding Program.


Before the event, Hartley and I helped put together the silent auction. We enjoyed getting there early to set up and then watching the aquarium magically unfold into a summer soirée! Everything about the night was perfect− the tasty hors d'oeurves, the music, and the dancing.


I should also mention the weather because being from the South, I'm used to swelteringly hot and humid summer nights, but last night I fell in love with New England even more! It was just the right temperature.


Check out this video! We're whaley good dancers, don't you think?