Skirt the Rules

What's the perfect antidote for post-summer/pre-fall weather wardrobe? Skirts, of course! It's still too hot for full on fall layering and too late to keep sporting pastel summer minis. Keep the hemlines short and show off what's left of your summer tan before those icky tights have to make a reappearance.

A Velveteen Dream


Velvet is having a big moment right now. From clothing and accessories to home decor, I've always had a thing for its luxe-ness.

One of my favorite velvet pieces is a plum colored J.Crew blazer with lime green lining. I've had the jacket since middle school (#vintage?)and I'm glad I've held onto it.

When I moved to the city and started hunting for furniture to fill my apartment, I couldn't pass up a navy blue velvet couch my mom and I found. The tufted cushions add the perfect accent. 

Last February when I saw I saw pictures photos from Tory Burch's Fall/Winter 2017 runway show, I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful velvet ribbons tied in asymmetrical bows around the low tousled ponytails. 

Other velvet pieces I'm loving include these shoes from Zara and this skirt from J.Crew. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for my next velveteen dream. Let me know if you find anything good!

Home for the Holidays

Shoes by  Frances Valentine  and Book by  Mark D. Sikes

Shoes by Frances Valentine and Book by Mark D. Sikes

Although the weather might not feel Christmassy outside, it sure feels like it inside. I managed to escape in the wee hours of the morning during one of New York City's first snowstorms to fly South for the holidays.

My mom and I have been cooking up a storm and making sure everything is set for our Christmas festivities. From decorating the house with paperwhites to planning holiday parties with our neighbors, the holidays always remind me of how nice it is to cherish family traditions.