Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

Looking for something fun to do on a Saturday in New York? Venture into Brooklyn and try out all of the infamous foods you see in your Instagram newsfeed. Lauren and I are always bookmarking restaurants to try-out and Smorgusburg was the perfect place to knock a few off our list. We met up with Drew and his friend, Pete and made our way into foodie heaven. First on our list was to try the Ramen Burger. Man, that was delicious! Lauren went for the Wowful ice-cream next and I managed to sneak a few bites...

Next time your wondering what to do on the weekend, give Smorgusburg a try. The line for the Ramen Burger goes by quicker than would you think, I promise!

Outfit details: Shirt J.Crew  Shorts J.Crew  Shoes Artemis Designs  Sunglasses Illesteva